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The most effective approach to preparing for PANCE is by studying challenging questions that require reasoning and logic to answer correctly. This is what UMock delivers.

Our mock PANCE questions present a clinical observation followed by an in-depth question with challenging answer choices and evidence-based, detailed explanations to maximize comprehension and retention.

Integrated topics & reporting

The most challenging topics require multiple levels of critical thinking and reasoning. This increases the importance of understanding which areas you need to focus your study efforts.

UMock shows you exactly where your topical strengths and weaknesses are, allowing you to focus your time on the topics where you need to raise your PANCE score.

Get higher results for PANCE

With UMock you can practice recalling the most important information to accurately resolve difficult questions and increase scoring accuracy.

UMock Q&A helps you gain more retention of key concepts and convert critical information from short-term to to long-term memory.

Exam strategies drive results

UMock is focused on producing perfect scores. Our test taking strategies and teaching methods sharpen your skills with an extensive review of PANCE topics to help you gain a deeper understanding in clinical medicine.

We give you the ability to master the most difficult PANCE questions from the Qbank. Our approach to exam preparation ensures you are fully equipped with the information and top-notch instructions you need to earn a top PANCE score.

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Real exam results, positive outcomes

The prudent design of UMock is completely focused on generating high PANCE scores. Content-rich explanations take you in-depth to uncover the answer to the most complex questions.

Develop your approach to PANCE with UMock and learn how to successfully eliminate answer choices and get the score you deserve.

"I can honestly say the depth of explanations from UMock were better than anything else I used to study for the PANCE. I scored a perfect 800 and did so in less time than what I think it would have taken me using a different resource."


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