Complete & thorough STEP 1

Step 1 Qbank 3,500+ questions
Integrated mock-type questions with in-depth answer explanations
Mock Assessment 1 & 2
Mimic a real timed & block exam with separate questions from the Qbank. Mock Assessment 1 & 2 consist of 320+ questions

Step 1 Qbank Features

Step 1 is big and important. The UMock Qbank is composed of integrated multi-step reasoning questions and in-depth explanations with the most current evidence-based clinical content for Step 1 exam preparation. Incorporate our proven study techniques into your Step 1 plan to achieve higher performance on the exam.

UMock Step 1 Method

Integrated Evidence-Based Medicine

UMock is a leading, basic clinical resource for the Step 1 exam, providing in-depth, comprehensive mock-type questions and explanations.

Testing Precision & Accuracy

When you answer a question correctly, the next question will be harder. If you select an incorrect answer, the next question will be easier.

Adaptive Mock Testing

Smart Adaptive Testing Technology adjusts the difficulty of questions based on your answer selection, as well as answer selections from all other examinees.

Current USMLE Step 1 Qbank

UMock reviews the depth and transparency of content weekly for over 20,000 topics.

Mock-type Q&A

UMock content is written with the most up-to-date information covering all areas and topics.

Step 1 Question Creation

Due to our rigorous content writing process, UMock is the most trusted resource to prepare for exam day. Each question is thoroughly evaluated, reviewed, and written by experienced physicians from the most prestigious medical schools.

Visually rich Qbank graphics

More than 3,000 highly detailed graphics, tables, diagrams, flow charts and illustrations.

The UMock methodology helps organize the underlying basic concepts with a high quality presentation of visual aids.

The use of visual aids from UMock makes it easier to understand complex concepts, improve retention, and reduce study time.

Real experience

Step 1 Mock Assessment

Learn key concepts in a block mock assessment format

Step 1 Mock Assessment

Increase your performance

Pathology: 97%
Physiology: 99%
Pharmacology: 96%

Block & timed assessment exam

There are two separate mock assessments. Each timed mock assessment includes 4 blocks, with each block containing 40 multiple-choice questions. - Mock Assessment 1 consist of 160+ questions
- Mock Assessment 2 consist of 160+ questions
- Total Mock Assessment 1&2 consist of 320+ questions

Mock exam performance

Upon completion of each mock assessment you’ll receive a report of your overall performance to determine if you’re ready for the real exam.

Actual mock test experience

UMock prepares you for real exam conditions to accomplish Step 1 and improve time management skills during each block.

Everything you need to know for your Step 1

  • Keypoint Highlights
  • Customize Exams
  • Flashcards
  • Detailed Performance
  • Mock summaries
  • Text-to-speech
  • Mark Questions
  • Notes, Calculator
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out
  • Strikeout Highlights
  • Reference Labs
  • Mobile compatibility

Step 1 Plans


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Focused Q&A

UMock presents exam-like questions with answer choices that are closely related to help you clearly understand why an answer is correct, and why the other choices are incorrect.

Integrated Explanations

UMock explanations help you apply basic and clinical knowledge to gain a more in-depth understanding of important concepts to improve critical thinking through challenging multi-level questions.

Help Center

The UMock team is dedicated to ensuring a successful experience with all of our products. If you have questions, please visit our Help Center to resolve any technical difficulties or issues you may encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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USMLE Step 1 is a timed examination
When should I start preparing for USMLE Step 1?
Step 1 Sample Test Questions

"Detailed explanations and rationales from UMock helped me better understand the complete outcome of my answers and achieve perfect performance. I highly recommend UMock to prepare for Step 1."


Stanford School of Medicine

"Detailed explanations and rationales from UMock step 1 question banks helped me better understand the complete outcome of my answers and achieve perfect performance. I highly recommend UMock for any medical students preparing for Step 1."
Stanford School of Medicine


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