Step 2 CK Mock Assessment

Simulate real exam conditions with a block format. Each assessment includes 4 blocks, with each block containing 40 difficult questions.

UMock offers challenging questions in a mock exam format to be completed as if you were taking the real exam.


Block format Assessment

Once you’ve completed a Mock Assessment you’ll receive a 3-digit score to gauge your readiness for the real exam.

Step 2 CK Mock Assessments assess your ability to apply clinical knowledge essential for patient care with questions created by a team of physicians who passed the exam with a perfect score.

Compare time and answer results with all other examiness to see how you rank

Detailed reports help you pinpoint weaker areas & show where you need to study more

Integrated evidence-based mock questions are aligned to the specifications of the real Step 2 CK exam

Step 2 CK Plans

"UMock Step 2 CK helped me score a 270 on the exam. The Qbank offers plenty of questions, covering every topic in detail along with in-depth explanations to give you the full scope of the answer. I would suggest anybody studying for the USMLE exams to go with UMock."
Stanford School of Medicine