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Step 2 CK Qbank 3,500+ questions
Challenging evidence based mock-type Q&A with detailed answer explanations
Mock Assessment 1 & 2
Practice like the real exam in a timed and block format assessment. Mock Assessment 1 & 2 consist of 320+ questions

Step 2 CK Qbank Features

Step 2 CK Qbank is the clinical resource to incorporate into your exam preparation with the most current evidence-based clinical information available for the Step 2 CK exam. Understand the depth of explanations and each question to prepare for what you’ll see on the exam. Click below to review Step 2 CK features in detail.

UMock Step 2 CK Method

Evidence-Based Integrated Medicine

UMock provides diagnosis, treatment & prevention of conditions with the most current evidence-based resources for the Step 2 CK.

Mock Testing Accuracy

When you answer a question correctly, the next question is more difficult. If you answer a question incorrectly, the next question will be easier.

Adaptive Mock Testing

Smart Adaptive Testing adjusts the difficulty of Step 2 CK questions based on answers selected by both the individual, as well as all other examinees.

Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment

UMock reviews Step 2 CK content on a weekly basis for over 18,500 topics.

Mock-type Q&A

UMock provides the most up-to-date and accurate clinical content to prepare for exam day.

Question Development Process

Our rigorous editorial process makes UMock the most trusted resource to prepare for your Step 2 CK exam. Each question is carefully evaluated by an expert team of practicing physicians who have scored perfectly on the Step 2 CK exam.

High quality illustrations & images

Study with 3,000+ detailed graphics, tables, flow charts, diagrams and illustrations.

The UMock methodology helps organize concepts in diagnosis and treatment skills with high quality presentations and visual aids.

Utilizing visual aids allows you to cut through the complexities of difficult concepts, improve retention, and shorten prep time.

Real experience

Step 2 CK Mock Assessment Block Exam

Learn key concepts in a block mock assessment format

Step 2 CK Mock Assessment

Increase your performance

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Block & timed assessment exam

There are two separate mock assessments. Each timed mock assessment includes 4 blocks, with each block containing 40 multiple-choice questions. - Mock Assessment 1 consist of 160+ questions
- Mock Assessment 2 consist of 160+ questions
- Total Mock Assessment 1&2 consist of 320+ questions

Three-digit scoring

Once you have completed the assessment, you’ll receive a 3-digit score to gauge your readiness for the exam.

Exam-like experience

The Mock Assessment is a simulation of the real exam with challenging questions different from what you studied in the Qbank.

Everything you need to know for your Step 2 CK

  • Keypoint Highlights
  • Customize Exams
  • Personalized flashcard
  • Detailed Performance
  • Mock summaries
  • Mark Questions
  • Notes, Calculator, Zoom
  • Strikeout Highlights
  • Reference Labs
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Text-to-speech

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Step 2 CK Plans

Mock Q&A

UMock presents evidence-based clinical questions with challenging answer choices that are closely related to help you fully understand why an answer is correct. The questions and answers you study with UMock are similar to what you will encounter on the exam.

Detailed Explanations

UMock explanations sharpen your critical thinking skills for the Step 2 CK exam and help you understand the clinical application of knowledge for diagnosis, labs, treatment, and management of different diseases.

Help Center

Visit the UMock Help Center to search more frequently asked questions. If you require further assistance or are experiencing technical difficulties, feel free to contact our team for support, we’re here to help!

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Step 2 CK Sample Questions

High quality mock questions & explanations

UMock provides evidence-based questions written at and above the difficulty of the real exam with detailed explanations that give you a strong understanding of the concepts and principles in clinical medicine

Step 2CK Qbank


Learn how to approach difficult questions to be ready for exam day.


UMock provides explanations behind correct, as well as incorrect answer choices.


UMock questions are written at and above the difficulty of the actual exam.


In-depth content provides a comprehensive review of all Step 2 concepts.

"Detailed explanations and rationales from UMock helped me better understand the complete outcome of my answers and achieve a 270. I highly recommend UMock to prepare for Step 2 CK."


Johns Hopkins University

"Detailed explanations and rationales from UMock helped me better apply medical knowledge and clinical science essential to understanding my answer choices and achieve a 270. I highly recommend UMock test prep for Step 2. Their self assessment exams and practice questions present clinical situations for test items and topics covered on the examination."
Johns Hopkins University