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Pediatric Medicine Qbank 2,000+ questions
Mock board-type questions and up-to-date evidence-based explanations to prepare you for the exam
Mock Assessment 1 & 2
Build confidence for the real exam with a timed and block assessment containing separate questions from the Qbank. Mock assessment 1 & 2 consist of 400+ questions

Pediatrics Qbank Features

The Pediatrics Board Exam is a big and important final step for your Certification. UMock Pediatrics board-type questions and explanations align to the format and outline of the real exam, integrated with the most up-to-date clinical information available. Prepare with a proven methodology for your Pediatrics Board Certification exam.

Pediatrics Certification Mock Board Exam

Comprehensive Clinical Concepts

UMock is a leading resource for pediatrics board exam preparation, providing in-depth mock-type questions, answers & detailed explanations.

Board Accuracy

Answering a question correctly will provide a harder next question. When you answer a question incorrectly, your next question will be easier.

Adaptive Mock Testing

Smart Adaptive Testing tracks user behavior and adjusts the difficulty of questions based on the answers selected by both the individual, as well as all other examiness.

Integrated Medicine

UMock reviews the accuracy & transparency of content weekly for over 6,000 topics.

Mock-type Q&A

Mock questions & explanations are integrated with the most current pediatrics content available.

Question Development Process

UMock applies a strict content writing & editorial review process made up of board-certified pediatric physicians who have scored a perfect 300 on the certification exam. All content is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated prior to publishing.

Clinical illustrations & graphics

Prepare for the Pediatrics Board Exam using detailed graphics, images, illustrations, tables, flow charts & diagrams.

UMock incorporates evidence-based pediatric medicine in a robust mock format to help you retain more information for the ABP board certification exam.

UMock explanations are clearly written in a high level of detail. Each explanation provides an additional mock summary to help you fully grasp the depth of the answer.

Real experience

Board of Pediatrics Mock Assessment Block Exam

Learn key concepts quickly in a mock assessment format

Pediatrics Medicine Mock Assessment 3 Digit Score

Increase your performance

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Block & Timed Assessment

There are two separate mock assessments. Each timed mock assessment includes 4 blocks, with each block containing 40 multiple-choice questions. - Mock Assessment 1 consist of 160+ questions
- Mock Assessment 2 consist of 160+ questions
- Total Mock Assessment 1&2 consist of 320+ questions

Three-digit Scoring

When you complete a mock assessment you receive a three-digit score to gauge your overall readiness for the Pediatrics Board Exam.

Pediatrics Mock Exam

The Pediatrics Mock Assessment is a simulation of the real exam. Challenging questions are provided at, and above the difficulty of the real test.

Everything you need to know for Pediatrics Board Exam

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ABP Plans

Detailed Q&A

UMock presents answer choices that are closely tied to each other to help you understand how to determine which answer is correct for case-based questions covering treatment and management in pediatric medicine.

Mock Explanations

Highly detailed evidence-based explanations provide clarity to challenge concepts in treatment and disease intervention to help you understand the application of knowledge for your pediaction medicine board certification or recertification.

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Study with high quality questions & explanations

UMock examines your ability to apply your knowledge in pediatric medicine with the highest quality questions and detailed explanations to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topical requirements of the pediatric board exam.

ABP Qbank


Learn the most effective approach to mock board questions to prepare for exam day.


Our detailed explanations are provided for both correct and incorrect answer choices.


The mock board Q&A is created to challenge you at and above the difficulty of the actual exam.


UMock questions are designed with an in-depth review of all pediatric board topics.

"I scored a nearly perfect 290 on the Pediatrics Board Certification. The pediatric board exam questions and explanations from UMock covered genetics, congenital issues and pediatric diseases, and all other topics like the real exam."


University of Pennsylvania

"I scored a nearly perfect 290 on the Pediatrics Board Certification. The pediatric board exam questions and explanations from UMock covered genetics, congenital issues and pediatric diseases, and all other topics like the real exam. "
University of Pennsylvania